Homicide App

The only app that serves sociopaths 100% legally. Sign up now and get your first homicide free!

The raw destructive power of Silicon Valley at your fingertips.

For decades, technologists have been erasing lives at scale through greed, negligence, and short-sightedness. Now you can satisfy your carnal desires through the same methods.

The value of human life

What is a life? Boiled down to its essence, it is time spent experiencing trial, triumph, suffering, and joy. Our patented time-wasting technology is a system optimized for wasting peoples' time through methods already employed by technologists today!

  1. Unsolicited email spam
  2. Unsolicited SMS spam
  3. Undetectable circumvention of Platform App Store policies to maximize notifications
  4. Clickbait paired with value deficient content
  5. So much more in ways you never thought possible!

How it works

Put simply, we can calculate the value of life in time. With a little bit of code and a server rented for $5/mo, we can inundate the internet with useless content that wastes so much time in the lives of millions that it cumulatively amounts to 72 years, the average life expectancy of a human being.

Human Life Equivalent

We measure homicide in what we call Human Life Equivalent, or HLE. This means that you can indulge in the murder of children at a fantastic discount!